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Ream Wardens, Book 6


The answers lie within the Shadow.

Pac set out to find Parin, Tor’s son, to tell him of his mother’s heroics. Her intention was to pass on the news of her death, then carry forward to the Dragon Clan Lands to find Enya, Dufin, and her wonderful Jardeth. She longed for their comfort and togetherness they once shared. Her first true family.

However, her journey took an unexpected turn. She was ambushed, taken captive, and subjected to relentless questioning. Her captors were distrusting and somehow out of place. She now found herself making promises she may not be able to keep.

Now burdened with a new mission, she must discover what is threatening to destroy the very fabric of Totriga. Will Pac keep her promises and reunite with her family? Can she uncover the truth behind the eastern land’s magical problems? Will she have the life of peace that she desperately seeks?

Find the answers to these questions in the sixth book of the Realm Wardens Series, Shadow Child. Brace yourself for an unforgettable journey as you witness Pac's courage and resilience being put to the ultimate test. This exhilarating installment of the series will leave you craving more.


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