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In the Lost Dragoon we are reunited with Dufin, Enya, and Jardeth. They have left the High Kingdom and headed for the Dragon Clan Lands in search of Enya’s people.
However they have gotten more than they bargained for. Magic no longer worked, and a violent group of robed s
trangers were making their way across the land. An enemy all too familiar to Enya and the others. A distant race determined to destroy their world. Dufin, Enya, and Jardeth fight to catch up with them. As the robed strangers drain each veil, Totriga is brought closer to destruction. The veils both keep the sixteen Realms from colliding, but also balances the magic.

Will they succeed and stop the robed strangers? How many veils will be drained? How many will die if Enya, Dufin, and Jardeth can’t stop them? In this epic high fantasy we continue the exciting journey into Enya’s past and future.

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