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Shadow Child

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Pac had two tasks to complete. One, to keep a promise to pass on Tor’s sacrifice to her son, Parin. Two, to reunite with her family, Jardeth, Enya and Dufin.

On her journey to the Deflection Monastery she was attacked, kidnapped, questioned, then tasked to find answers to a mystery that has plagued the eastern lands of Totriga.

All Pac wanted was to reunite with her family and live in peace. She was duty-bound to do the right thing and set out on a new adventure.

Shadow Child is the 6th book in the high fantasy series Realm Wardens. Will Pac solve the mystery behind magic no longer working? Will she find Enya, Dufin, and Jardeth? Find out in this non-stop action instalment in the series.

Cover for Book 6 Shadow Child
Shadow Child Trailer
Book 6 in a High Fantasy Novels Series
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